Drive around the block and imagine arriving at your house for the first time. Is it appealing enough to get out of the car? What needs fixing, trimming or highlighting? Include any eyesores in the street that can be fixed by calling your council.

Go through each room and remove personal items, clutter and excess furniture; put it in storage if needed. Now tidy every room and cupboard thoroughly – apart from looking well tended, your house will seem more spacious.

Declare war on every cobweb, each mote of dust and every fingerprint on windows , walls and doors. Bathrooms and kitchens nee to be hospital-grade; recaulk showers if needed. Don’t forget blinds, ceiling fans and the fridge.

Fix leaky taps, drawers that don’t close properly, doors that stick or wonky curtains and blinds, and replace broken light globes or tiles. Consider repainting extreme walls in neutral tones or buying new cushions and throws to brighten a room.

If there are any favourite light fittings, window coverings or fitted items that you want to take with you, remove them now so they don’t become the subject of argument – or even a deal breaker – later.

Getting these inspections Is the buyers’ responsibility so they are not essential but, for a few hundred dollars, they will speed up a sale and will also show you have nothing to hide.

Many customers choose houses to inspect by looking at online photos, so these must be good. While your house needs to be kept in tip-top condition for the duration of the campaign, make a special effort on photography day.

Cat hairs and dog smells will not endear your home to many buyers, and muddy paws will add to your cleaning workload. Be prepared to go super-hard to remove any trace or ask a friend, relative or kennel to care for your pets temporarily.

On open day, make your house shine without going over the top; flowers are great, music is intrusive. Whether the smell of freshly baked bread is enticing or cliché is debatable. Visit a few other similar-priced homes in the area to hear what viewers are saying.

When you have an interested buyer, being able to negotiate quickly may help seal the deal. As well as variations on price, it may be possible to negotiate on settlement length and other inclusions. Discuss this early to establish agreed parameters.

"Top 10 Selling Tips for Spring".