These days it is widely recognised that a pre-sale home makeover not only ensures that a property appeals to the maximum amount of potential buyers  but  that it’s also critical in achieving a higher sales price.  Property presentation expert, Richard Armstrong, believes that professional styling adds “at least $3000 in value for every $1000 spent”.  (Weekend Property, The Weekend Australian, July 30 -31, 2011.)

At Rent Fine Art, we believe that what hangs on your wall, during the 5 week pre-sale campaign period, helps you to sell your property.  We offer the discerning vendor an opportunity to “borrow” valuable and unique art from well known artists, and add that “something special” to the pre-sale home presentation process.  Quality artwork not only creates visual impact that enhances the overall presentation of a home but it also evokes specific feelings about a home. It can make a house look prestigious, opulent and individualistic.  It can also enhance layout and improve ambience.

Our unique art collection is designed to maximise the appeal of a property to a potential purchaser by creating that “wow factor” that ensures people remember a property long after they have walked out the door.